Sandcastle Lessons Have more fun on the beach forever! Leave the cheesy molds behind and learn how to stack and carve sand like a pro. Ideal for families, lessons can be tailored to all ages and skillsets with group rates starting as low as $60. More info....

South Padre Sand...

The Holiday Sandcastle Village See a display of world-class sandsculpture  that changes with the season, located bayside in the heart of the Entertainment District - under the Ferris Wheel. DONATIONS

... is some of the finest, naturally-occurring sandcastling material on the planet. There is a wide variety of ways to enjoy the sand of South Padre and develop a full appreciation of all that can be done with it. Here are some of them ---

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Team Building Exercise All work and no play makes for a dull convention. Give your team a chance to get out and enjoy our lovely beaches and watch new relationships develop and leadership skills rise to the top. More info

Beach Billboards Wedding, proposal, anniversary, birthday, graduation, family reunion -- all are good excuses for beach parties, and every group photo looks better arranged around a customized beach billboard. Whether we build it, or help you build it yourselves -- it is easier and less expensive than you might think! More info

Get On The Trail Sand Sculptures come in all sizes and can be built nearly anywhere: in a box or a pot, on the ground, on a rock or a piece of driftwood. More info...

​​Sand Sculpture Trail