The South Padre Island Sand Sculpture Trail is the only one of its kind - a series of semi-permanent outdoor sand sculptures that have been available for viewing by the public for over two years. Though our sculptures have many natural enemies -- wind, rain and grabby hands, to name 3 -- we do our very best to keep them looking good.


Primarily sand and water.* White glue. Secret sauce. Magic Potion. With time and care, the sculptures become stronger and better able to withstand weather and finger pokes. But - like humans - they are not invulnerable to the ravages of time. If you see one that has been damaged, please know that it is already on our list to be repaired.


We don't know! As far we know, this has never been tried before. I have examples in my yard that have lasted more than five years.

*A handful of them have cores of styrofoam

Established 2012

The sculptors

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​​Sand Sculpture Trail

Update 2/16: The city has allocated $10,000 in matching funds to expand the trail - this is a great time to add your business! Do you have a spot that could be enhanced with a semi-permanent sand sculpture? We can build them in boxes, planters, on rocks or driftwood. They can be castles or cats or starfish or just about anything you can imagine. They can be functional -- benches and thrones and pedestals and tables. They can be informational -- signs and logos and URLs and wayfinders. They can be decorative or commemorative and you can choose to put them on the map or not. I barter and I work deals and I really really want to cover this island up with sand sculpture. Call me and let's talk! 

- Lucinda Wierenga, 956-459-2928 ----- spisandy at gmail